We’re one of the leading pioneer stores supporting the musical instrument industry in the city of Tokyo for 81years.

Shimokura Musical Instrument Co. was established in 1937 by founder,Takashi Shimokura, who originally opened the store specializing in string and wind instruments. Since its conception, we have passed on a notion to contribute to the growth and development of musical culture. Hence, we have expanded our services not only in selling the instruments but also in providing complete after-care services as well as training repair technicians to further assist our customers. As we advance into the 21st century, it is very reassuring that music, the one language the whole world understands, will be continually evolving and soothing the hearts of all mankind. This reassurance comes from the innovations that the musical world is continually making to fulfill the needs of all the culturally diverse people on this planet who love the beauty of music. We at Shimokura Musical Instrument Co. are committed to providing the expertise to empower its users to create their own wonderful music.


Following items are available on-hand in store at anytime:

●More than 1,000 wind instruments such as 120 Flutes, 110 Clarinets, 170 Saxophones, 40 Oboes, 10 Bassoon,
140 Trumpets, 55 Trombones, 40 French Horns, 15 Tubas.

●More than 800 domestic/imported first class Electric Guitars

●More than 60 Drums, 300 Cymbals

●More than 400 domestic/imported first class Acoustic Guitars

●More than 1,000 stringed instruments such as Violin, Viola, Cello etc., specially, inventory of Violin is more than 260 items
picked up from European first class.

●More than 300 Bows

●There are two stores for Guitar, which main store and "Shimokura Second Hands" Eand there is more than 1,500 of
Second-Hands Guitar and Basses.

●There is large inventory of Amplifier, Effects unit, Recording Equipments and parts.


The History of Shimokura Musical Instrument Co.

Since the company was established in 1937, we have opened numerous stores in Ochanomizu. We expanded our business in Hachioji and Ohmiya covering the Kanto area. We further established Shimokura Violin Co., and Shimokura Second-Hands which specializes in used guitars. With the opening of Creare Music School and Simora Stringed Instrument Repair Studio, we are continuing to expand our expertise as all-around music specialists.

Company Information





Number of Employee


Annual Turnover

4,480,000,000 yen


Yukio Shimokura

Details of Business

Instrument Distribution and Import branded Instrument
Maintenance and Repair Stringed & Winds Instrument
Music publishing Sale

Shimokura Original Brand


Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Pockent Trumpet , Cornet, Flugel Horn, Trombone


Signal Trumpet
(Japan Defense Agency standard
Three roll, Two roll)
Custom Made Three roll,Contest Three roll
Fanfare Trumpet


Flute, Saxophone


Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Bow


Violin, Viola, Cello

Main Bank

Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ


Ochanomizu Shop
Omiya Branch
Hachioji Branch
Music Studio / School Creare Omiya
Music Studio / School Creare Hachioji

Group Corporation

Shimokura Violin Co., Ltd
Shimokura Second Hands Co., Ltd

History of Company


Shimokura & Co., founded


Established Shimokura musical instruments Co., Ltd


Shimokura musical instruments Co., Ltd
Maintenance and Repair business started.


Ms. Takako Shimokura inaugurated as CEO.


Established Omiya store and serve for customer in Saitama, Gunma, and Tochigi Area


Renovated main bldg at Ochanomizu and provide specialty space each floor.


Established hachioji Store and serve for Tama, Sagamihara, and Yamanashi Area.


Separated Violin Section and established Shimokura Violin Co., Ltd and Shimokura Second hands Co., Ltd.


Opened Shimokura Second Hands No.2 Store at ochanomizu


Opened “Creare” of music school in Hachioji store.Opened Maintenance and Repair Center at 4th floor in next of Main Bldg.


Shimokura Violin Co., Ltd moved Omi-Kyodai Bldg where is cross street of main blsg.Maintenance and Repair Center moved main bldg for expanded business.


Established “Shimora” of Stringed Instrument Repair Studio at Konoe-Kyodai Bldg 3rd floor.


Expanded Winds Instrument space and move Maintenance and Repair Center to 4th floor of main bldg. Mr. Yukio Simokura inaugurated as CEO


Opened “Creare” of music school in Omiya store as hachioji which capacity of 500 students. Opened Shimokura Acoustic Guitar Specialty store at next from main bldg.

Duty Free Purchasing requires your passport at shops. Please bring it when you visit to store.